Rob Gray


Rob Gray

Life and transformation coach


Who do I work with?

I help ordinary humans achieve extraordinary results in their personal, professional, and spiritual life by facing their fears in order to have the life that they desire. If something is holding you back from your perfect life then we need to talk. We start by asking some questions:

What is it that you want?

When do you want it?

How fast can we get it?

Scared?...Good! Let’s do it anyway.

-Rob Gray

Get to know Rob Gray:

I have been asked before what made me get into coaching. More specifically, what made me want to help individuals and companies work through their fears and limiting beliefs. The answer is really simple; I lived most of life being afraid. 

My journey toward this awareness began when I was 22. I vividly remember seeing the leader of a national company on stage talking to thousands of people. What caught my attention was the feeling of power and presence that he commanded right where he stood. I said to myself in that moment “whatever he has I want.”

I ignored that calling to lead and help others until finally I could ignore it no more. After answering that call, my life’s mission is help those who want to get out of life all that it has to offer by doing the things that champions do in order to succeed.

As a native to Nashville, TN I live with my beautiful bride where I get the pleasure of working with individuals all around the globe to break through what’s holding them back and manifest the life that they want.


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 Are you ready to get started?

I offer a One on One Coaching: 1 hour session conducted via online Zoom call or phone. I will work with my client in an area that they want to evolve.


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